Hello There!

Welcome to Dear Elly and thank you for stopping by!

This space is for the little girls with a dream who turned into women with goals. A community for the doers, the achievers, the ones who just don’t have it in them to settle. A place to inspire and be inspired by femininity and strength, determination and individuality.


Today we live in a time when women can be found in any workplace thriving as teachers, inspiring the next generation, climbing the corporate ladder alongside men and women twice her age or blazing her own way as an entrepreneur. There is not just one role or expectation for the millennial woman and we should all be celebrating, supporting, discovering and shedding light on the variety of opportunities and achievements that occur each day.




I chose the name Dear Elly for this site because I want to hear from you. My content will be guided by your questions about workplace fashion, job searching, resumes and more. I’m excited to begin this journey with you and see how this community grows and evolves with time.

Let’s get to work!

3 thoughts on “Hello There!

  1. Andrea Anthony

    I’m so happy for you that you have your blog started!! Love ya

    I do want your advice on something. What is the best outfit to wear to a casual lunch interview?


    • dear elly

      Casual can be tough to translate for an interview. Since it’s a first impression and you still want to be professional, but not stuffy with a casual dress code, I would recommend a knee-length or midi dress with some sort of sweater or jacket, if it’s sleeveless and a pair of flats–no sandals. Good luck on your interview!! 🙂


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